Our Values

Our Values

Oil and Gas

Although we work prominently in engineering organisations, we do not accept any vacancies which are submitted from companies in the Oil And Gas sector. We are willing to work with candidates in Oil and Gas who are looking to leave this sector.


We will provide discounted fees to clients who work within renewables/sustainability.


We do not simply just disappear after the placement has been made. We can periodically check in on our candidates during their 3 month probation, to ensure that everything is as expected and to see how they are fitting in to the team and the role and will offer whatever support is needed.

Employment Compatibility

The most important thing to us is to have a chat and get a good understanding of our candidates to see how they match to our clients and vice versa. To make the best long term placements, we like to discuss culture, progression, working preferences, specific experiences and of course, expectations. We are unable to introduce candidates to our clients without having an official pre-interview discussion to ensure that expectations have been managed.

Our Credibility

We have a fantastic track record of candidates progressing further from placements often with long standing clients. This is due to us having an in depth knowledge of how the industries that we work in operate and what will lead to candidates being fulfilled with a long term career.

We are unable to carry out pre-interviews with candidates who are already employed by a company that is a client with terms agreed with RSC.

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